Branded Content


Winner of the 2014 ADDY Special Judges' Award for Digital Branded Content with excellent wordsmithing and editing. Winner of a 2014 gold ADDY for Digital Advertising | Branded Content, more than 60 seconds.

"People have a love affair with adventure. We feel it inside like a current in the wind, and it drives us to step outside the ordinary." - Grand Trunk, Goods for the Road


Director of Photography & Editor - Joey Arcisz    
Aerial Footage - Erich Schlegel
Cinematographer - Zak Tollefson
Voiceover - TK Kellman
Script - MIke Ho Lung
Cinematographer - Bud Force
MTB & Rock Climber - Stanislav Vrba


This video was made for an ultra wide screen configuration, five 16x9 screens placed side by side with negative space between each screen. In order to view the video properly you will need to press the full screen button at the bottom right corner of the video player. 

Eric Benson and Joey Arcisz produced and directed this piece for PSAV and US Cellular. Ross Skrudland was the cinematographer.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways wanted to build a stock footage and photo catalog that they can pull from to create social media content and digital ads content throughout 2018 & 2019. This footage has been seen throughout online video ads as well as throughout their social media. This is a reel showing what we captured for them in the 10 different global cities.

Locations: Bend, Oregon Paris, France Cairo, Egypt Sakkara, Egypt Istanbul, Turkey Los Angeles, California Santa Catalina Islands Sardegna, Italy New York City, New York Seattle, Washington

Producer: Jeremy Davis
Camera Operator 1: Barret Huie
Camera Operator 2: Jeremy Davis
Drone Operator: Jeremy Davis

Pure City Cycles - San Antonio

Producer / Director: Jeremy Davis
Director of Photography: Barret Huie
Editor: Barret Huie
BTS/PA: Nathan Cavitt
Prod. Co: Subject Pictures

Talent: Dillon Cavitt


Pure Cycles was in need of a short piece for a social media marketing campaign featuring their urban bicycle line. We partnered up and made it happen. What's a better way to showcase a unique city than bicycling through the heart of it? From the historic Pearl Brewery District to Downtown and the River Walk...You can't get much better! Shot in San Antonio, Texas