Know your budget. We will be using this to ensure we can bring you the film you are looking for. This will allow us to communicate clearly about expectations. It will help us secure the perfect cast, locations, gear and more. 

This is never the most fun part of pre-production, but very often it’s the most important. We are always happy to provide a quote if you are unsure. 


Before the pre-production process starts, we flush out the concept, and idea. We then create a shooting script or outline. This will help make sure all crew members are getting the correct information for their role in making a successful finished product happen. 

Usually our director will make a treatment for your project. 


Storyboards & shot lists go hand-in-and with shooting scripts-creating a visual display of the concept for the director and cinematographer clear be able to communicate your idea. These generally stay in-house but if you are looking to have in house support, we can hire a storyboard artist to bring your story to life to share amongst your team. 

We may need to tailor your concept to specific locations or vice-versa, so finding them early is key. Our production team will handle this to make sure there are no issues in securing the location for your production. 



Once we understand the details of your production, we will create a gear list that allows us to make sure we have all elements we will need to accomplish the look, tone, and quality your project needs. 



Once we know the locations & gear that we can use for your project. We have to get into the paperwork such as, permits and insurance. Permits are generally required from municipal governments to shoot on public property and location agreements are typically needed for use of private homes or other facilities. Our producers are well versed in the needs for these permits and releases. Our producers will communicate to you what releases we are going to need and will provide them on file with the final deliverables of your project. You will be able to keep these on file. 


Finally, once we have the logistics covered, we start casting. This means we will be finding the perfect talent to represent your brand and project. We focus on tone, goals, and more when making these selections. 


After all of these pre-production pieces are brought together. We rehearse... unless we are covering a live event or corporate profile video. We try to strive for perfection and practice always makes perfect.