This is the general structure, for tone, theme. This has yet to be colored, the sound is not final. This stage should be used to provide all feedback related to the images themselves. 


We provide a notice before the project is moved into the picture lock phase. As with most project, just because the flow is done doesn't mean it is "done" done. When we enter the picture lock phase we still need to go through sound design, graphics, and color. 


Depending upon your project, this could be a big stage, or maybe not one at all. As with most things visual, a good cinematic experience is 50% Visual and 50% Auditory. Sound is very important and we treat it as such. 

This is where we start putting the final tonal changes onto your piece. The color grading can make a drastic difference to your project. This can be anything from making sure the happy or sad tones come through and allow the audience to draw every bit of the proper emotion out of the frames. 


If you have specific delivery requirements, let us know and we can arrange that for you.